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Encrypted data science for financial institutions

Our evaluation sandbox provides you a pre-built environment with privacy-protected computations and collaboration workflows. Apply risk and fraud models on encrypted data and practice collaborative analytics projects. Compare your results to computations in the clear and see how sensitive data and IP remain protected when collaborating with 3rd parties or in the cloud.



Who is the sandbox for? Do I need to be a data scientist?

You do not need to be a data science expert in order to use the sandbox. Business users, security professionals and data scientists can experience Duality through a user-friendly interface. Our tutorial will explain everything you need in order to start working within minutes.

What's in the sandbox? Do I have to bring my own data or algorithms?

We provide you with a closed environment that contains data sets and a variety of descriptive statistical computations and regression models that are ready for use. You can experience collaboration scenarios similar to the real-world processes you’re looking to build with your partners.

Build your own privacy-preserving analytics projects in the Duality Sandbox

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