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Privacy Protection in Cross-border Information Sharing

Unlocking business opportunities while
mitigating privacy risks

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Sharing and analyzing data across borders promises financial institutions to unlock new business opportunities and enhance their financial crime and compliance processes. 

Yet, tightening and unharmonized privacy regulations increasingly hamper information sharing between different jurisdictions. For this fireside chat, we invited privacy and compliance experts across law firms, leading banks and the FFIS think tank to discuss the business potential and regulatory challenges associated with cross-border data transfers, and present emerging technology solutions that can help institutions mitigate compliance risks.

Watch this fireside chat to learn more about:

  • New business opportunities: How cross-border information sharing can drive innovation and revenue
  • Legal considerations: How to achieve compliance across unharmonized regulatory frameworks
  • Best practices: How are organizations solving these challenges today
  • Privacy-enhancing technologies (PETs): How a new breed of technology can facilitate privacy compliance

  • Regulatory outlook: Which trends and changes compliance and business leaders should anticipate

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Featured Panelists



Jeannette Gunderson
Head of Data Sharing, Access and Privacy, HSBC's Compliance function


Sarah Runge
Global Head of Financial Crimes Compliance Regulatory Strategy, Credit Suisse


Odia Kagan
Partner & Chair of GDPR Compliance and International Privacy, Fox Rothschild LLP


Ronen Cohen
Strategy & Product Marketing, Duality


Nick J. Maxwell
Head of the Future of Financial Intelligence Sharing (FFIS), RUSI Centre

PET users in financial crime can collaborate across borders and organizations and get insights to questions in seconds, whereas under current processes it can take several months - or not at all.

Ronen Cohen
Strategy & Product Marketing, Duality